MVP - Mission, Values, Philosophy


Our mission is to transport dry cargoes at sea while at the same time to ensure that our vessels adhere to the highest safety and environmental standards all while providing superior ship-management services.

WEM Lines is in business to add value to its customers, employees, shareholders, and the community as a whole, positively affecting growth and prosperity. This wider mission is what truly inspires us and fuels us the energy to move forward.

We are committed to safety, integrity, environmental protection and excellence through continual improvement, know-how and technologies


Our company is well-established in the marine transportation market thanks to certain underlying values which have helped us to navigate through challenges and difficulties in the past and will guide us in the future.

Commitment to Ethical Standards

It is our strong belief that consistency, respect, responsibility and transparency in our corporate activities and our business behaviour are the key values to our success.

Dedication to existing Clients

Our main goal is to create long-lasting relationships with our customers by anticipating their needs, having excellent performance and proving our strong commitment and integrity.

Pursuit of Excellence

Excellence and perfection can only be achieved over time and through a continuous effort to provide services of the highest standard.

Supporting and Promoting Teamwork

The only way to solve problems and achieve our business targets is through teamwork. Having that in our mind, we encourage enforcement of relationships, formation of in house think tanks and an open exchange of ideas in the working environment, either on board or ashore.


Our job is to transport dry cargoes at sea. Our work contributes to global economic growth, development and stability. If we can accomplish it in an environmentally sound manner this contributes to safety and sustainability. Through committing ourselves to the highest quality and ethical standards, we have established a company culture that our people are likely to uphold outside the workplace, too.

For the past three decades, WEM Lines has built an enviable reputation and gained the respect in providing dry bulk transportation services of dry bulk cargoes, which did not come by chance. Rather, it has been the outcome of hard work in professionally meeting our clients’ needs and a firm commitment to quality. This has been our philosophy ever since we started. Today, our commitment to operating according to the industry’s highest standards is stronger than ever.
>We only employ highly qualified people.
>We own and operate high quality assets and we are committed to renew our fleet often.
> After many years of environmental sensitivity, we continue to evaluate and implement even stricter policies.